While going through one of my toughest times in life… the transition of divorce and seeing my children half the time, having no money while working three jobs, and eating spaghetti for a year because it was all I could afford; a co-worker gave me $20
to take my children out to eat!

The Best "Yes"

It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life to take the money but led me to the best “Yes” I’ve ever given. It allowed me to feel like a provider again, to enjoy getting out of the house/apartment, and my son asked if he could get soda (we drank water for a year because it was free out of the faucet) and I got to say “Yes!"

The Foundation Can Provide Others Their Best "Yes"

I want to give that feeling, that experience, and “Yes” to other men, women, kids, and families during their hard time of transition. It does get easier, but until then, The Andre Young Foundation would like to help just a bit!

The Andre Young Foundation

The Andre Young Foundation provides positive life-enriching experiences to a population rarely discussed; the recently divorced or separated single parents with children. As these new single-headed families go through one of the most devastating and life-altering events of their lives… finances and good times are low as feelings of depression, stress, and isolation are high. An experience outside of their four walls can be just the thing to add smiles, connection, and impact the community!

hands of the foundation coming together to help others
The Andre Young Foundation provides life-enriching and fun community experiences for families (parents with children) going through the recent transition of separation or divorce. The vision is to partner with Community Organizations that identify families in need and to provide fun family experiences. We want to help give families bonding time and a brief break from transitional stress, while also supporting the community and small businesses!

Over the course of every year, Andre Young provides two Speaking Engagements/Leadership Trainings to enhance Leadership, Work/Life, or School/Life Harmony to non-profit businesses or underprivileged schools. He also provides one 1-on-1 Virtual Growth Session to an individual for no cost other than a donation to The Andre Young Foundation. These funds will be used to assist families in transition and provide financial help. As the Foundation evolves, so will our means of fundraising and causes!

Feel free to donate at the "Donate Now Button" if the purpose of the Foundation resonates with you. Enjoy your day and your evolution!

andre young founder of andre young foundation

About the Founder

I'm Andre Young, a professional speaker, author, trainer, and Founder of You Evolving Now, LLC. I wanted to create an organization to help men, women, children, and families in transition. As I went through a divorce over a decade ago, it was the hardest time of my life: managing the emotional rollercoaster, financial stress related to bills and things as simple as eating, focusing at work. All of this while caring for children with their own stress and concerns.


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